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Track 1: Let it Snow
Vocals: Jeff “Ozzy” Osburn

Track 2: Baby it’s Cold Outside
Vocals: Dana Jackson and Ozzy
Drums: Walt Kim
Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Bells, Percussion, etc: Matt Jackson

Track 3: Little Drummer Boy*
Vocals: Bob Guiney
Back up vocals: Andy Patalan
Guitar: Andy Patalan; Kirk Reedy
Bass: Matt J.
Drums: Scott Stefanski

Track 4: The Christmas Song
Vocals: Ozzy
Guitar: Matt J.
Piano: Mitch Foster

Track 5: War is Over
Vocals: Dana Jackson
Back up vocals: Dana and Matt
Drums: Walt Kim
Guitar, Bass, Keys: Matt J.

Track 6:  Holy Night
Vocals: Dana Jackson
Piano: Dana Jackson
Orchestral arrangement: Matt J.

May all our loved ones have a safe and healthy 2010.  Merry Christmas.

We happen to have an amazingly gifted group of friends in Lansing that share a common love and bond through our passion for music. Though Dana and I have lived in Grand Rapids for years now, the unique friendships in Lansing continue to make The Capital City our second home.

This holiday we thought we’d record a couple of Christmas songs with this talented group of friends to share with you all.  It’s a project we’ve all talked about for years, but something about 2009 made us all a little more thankful than ever for each other and spurred us to action. Maybe it’s the ugly economy, an uglier war, the ugliest Detroit Lions…swine flu, who knows. Perhaps it was simply an excuse to make time out of our increasingly busy lives to celebrate our friendships and simply be together.  

Regardless, the Jackson’s dining room became “studio A,” the bedroom the “drum room,” and a blast was had in the making. The tunes are free for streaming or download for your listening pleasure below. A big thank you to Mitch at for putting the art/website together and to Tim Krukowski for his technical/studio support from afar.  

Merry Christmas


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